A quick fitblr story

I work at a library, and a couple of weeks ago this little girl (maybe 8?) came up to me holding one of our magazines. She pointed to the woman on the cover (not a celebrity), and she asked me “why are this lady’s ribs showing?” I told her “because that lady isn’t healthy.” I almost started crying because that is what that little girl is going to grow up with: images on every single magazine, television commercial, billboard, etc. of women who aren’t healthy and are unrealistically thin. I know that fitblrs strive for healthy bodies, and that usually means thinner bodies, but I hate seeing those types of bodies in media. Not everyone sees a thin person and thinks “I want to be that healthy.” Most people just wish to be that thin, and they will do whatever it takes to get there as quickly as possible. I hope and pray that the little girl who asked me that will never think that way.

I don’t know if I’ve let you all know that you guys can ask me fitness questions/nutrition questions etc. because I’m certified in group fitness instruction, and I’ve taken a number of courses covering nutrition. Plus, it’s tumblr, and who doesn’t love questions?? Anon is on, as usual, if you prefer that!

I can’t decide…

… if I like myfitnesspal or not. I don’t like how you “earn” calories from exercise. Just because you exercised that day doesn’t mean you should go reverse it by eating more. Obviously you need more fuel on days you exercise, but that site makes it seem like you are supposed to eat the same number of calories you burn. Plus, keeping track of every single thing I eat probably isn’t the best idea for me because I’ll start stressing and worrying about it rather than just eating what I want. I mean “eating what I want” from the healthy options I have and normal portions and all that. If I don’t keep track, and then think back and remember what I ate on certain days and plug it into myfitnesspal, I still get enough and not too much except without the stress of actually trying to. Not sure if that makes sense, but it is what it is.

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First day was…

… a success! Woke up, went to the gym with my friend, had a class, had lunch, had a class, had a snack, went to work, had dinner, and watched the national championship game (which is probably still on, but really, Alabma vs Notre Dame), and now I’m about to sleep and gym it up again tomorrow! So So glad to be back at UF at least for the gym access and my inevitably improved eating habits (I eat terribly at home).

I wish you all a good night and a great day tomorrow!